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About Anthracite Power and Light

Anthracite Power and Light's electricity comes from its affiliated independent power plants located in Schuylkill County. Anthracite Power and Light is empowering its customers by providing competitively-priced electricity, and making a commitment to the businesses and people we live and work with. As a licensed retail electric supplier, APL has been serving customers in our local community since 2003.

Anthracite Power and Light offers residential customers competitively priced energy. When homeowners switch to Anthracite Power and Light, the process is seamless. There are no new meters installed and electricity is delivered over the same poles and wires as always.

Anthracite Power and Light is a smart choice for business customers as well, offering businesses an opportunity to lower their electric bills and increase their operating margins.

Anthracite Power and Light is committed to delivering competitive prices, quality service, building strong customer relationships, and supporting the communities we serve.

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