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Anthracite Power & Light is a Pennsylvania-based supplier of energy and power solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional customers.
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88 cents of every dollar spent on Anthracite Power and Light goes directly back to the communities we serve.

Each time you choose to spend your dollars at a local, independent business, you are supporting the continued strength and vitality of our community.

Anthracite Power and Light is a bonded supplier meeting the technical and financial guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Utility Commision.

Anthracite Power and Light and its affiliates provide hundreds of local jobs and actively supports many worthwhile organizations throughout the regions we do business in.

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  • Generating Electricity For Over 20 Years
  • Owners & Operators Passing Savings On To The Customer
  • Buy Direct From The Supplier - Competitive Rates
  • A Commitment To The Communities, Businesses And People That We Live With
Lehigh Engineer   Jack Rich

We Have Made A Commitment To The Local Communities That We Serve And Live In.

  • Anthracite Power and Light through its affiliates, produces its own power. We never have to purchase power, and we pass these savings on to you. Therefore our prices will be below rates that may be offered by energy brokers and or agents, therefore optimizing savings for your home or business.
  • Our 20+ years of knowledge and experience in the energy markets, along with our unsurpassed reliability lends credibility to our business practices.
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